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The game changer

Are you tired of washing your car only to have a finished product that is dotted with water spots which can only be removed through manual buffing? With Pure Final Rinse we have the perfect solution that leaves a shiny, streak-free finish to your car each and every time with little effort, certainly no heavy buffing and no need to towel dry the vehicle after. Simply wash your car as normal and then plug in the Pure Final Rinse vessel into your hose and rinse down the car with pure water! There's even no need to dry after if you don't want to as you leave no minerals or impurities on the vehicle!

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    Leave Those Spots and Streaks Behind

    Looking to add that extra bit of service for your customers at your car cleaning and detailing business? With our revolutionary new automotive cleaning system, they will drive away in a vehicle that is just as spot-free and streak-free as the day they drove it off the forecourt in mint condition. How can we promise this? It’s all about the science behind what is causing those unsightly water spots and how technology can do away with them forever. Pure Final Rinse was designed to eliminate the spotting and streaking that you tend to get from standard UK tap water. Tap water contains a great number of impurities such as chalk and lime scale. Although these minerals are safe to drink, these same minerals and impurities, measured in Parts per Million, will leave marks on your just washed vehicle. The Pure Final Rinse Vessel in the size of your choice will ensure that all chemicals, minerals and impurities will be a thing of the past. How can we ensure this? The answer is our innovative mesh resin bags that act as a DI filter. In fact, we can go as far as saying the resulting pure water will have 0PPM, making it the purest deionised water to be found. If you are looking to reduce overheads, especially on the labour of buffing those water marks out, you will be absolutely thrilled with Pure Final Rinse.

    Nothing Comes Close to Pure Final Rinse

    Whether you are looking for a product that you can use just as easily at home, mobile valet or as at a professional auto body detailing shop, the Pure Final Rinse system offers what no other product on the market can boast – a rapid changing resin DI filter that will give you a cleaner, shinier, spot-free finish. It’s all about the size of the system you choose. The Single Bag Vessel is ideal for the car enthusiast who loves that ever-present squeaky clean car that looks like it just took the prize at the local auto show. The Double Bag Vessel may be best for the mobile valet or car cleaning job and of course the Quad Bag Vessel is the ultimate for the professional car cleaning shop. If you have used a DI vessel in the past you will know that changing resin can be a very messy job. With the Pure Final Rinse, the resin comes in mesh bags that you literally lift out the old resin and put the new mesh bag in, simple as that! The water can flow through the mesh netting and is designed so you use more of the resin than in standard vessels. And the best part of the whole process is that it takes only seconds to change the bag leaving you ready to finish with that pure water final rinse. It’s like nothing you’ve ever used or probably ever will!

    Revolutionary Filtration System

    Have you ever wondered why your car and windows never seem to be crystal clear and free from water spots even after rinsing several times? You’ve used the preferred two bucket method of car cleaning, and then set about rinsing and rinsing, followed by what seemed to be a three hour buff job even though it was probably only thirty minutes. What many people don’t understand is the reason for those water spots on the windows and paint once they are finished washing their vehicle. Even buffing leaves streaks and spots that are simply impossible to get rid of. Hard water, chemical additives and improper drying are all contributing factors and each of those can be avoided with our revolutionary DI filter system that is easy to use and certainly more cost effective than anything else out there. Simply plug inline to your hose for rinsing down the vehicle to wash away any impurities leaving 0ppm pure filtered water with no need to dry off. Why? Because water evaporates and in the absence of minerals and impurities there is nothing to stay behind. Your car will be as fresh and shiny as the day you drove it off the lot.

    Waste-free and Easy to Change Resin Bags

    Once your car has been snow foamed and washed, preferably with the 2 bucket method, it’s time to rinse away the dirt and soap. This is where the Pure Final Rinse water filtration rinsing system goes to work for you. By using pre-packaged mesh resin bags that can easily be replaced, you can quickly change them out as needed and can also be assured there will be no waste. Within the vessel is a filter that will push the water through ALL of the resin instead of a standard vessel that will create channels, kind of like an ant farm with tunnels. This process will increase the lifetime and efficiency of the resin and we can honestly make the claim that this is the most cost effective method of avoiding water spots and streaks. The mesh resin bags need to be changed when the resin is no longer doing its job. It’s a simple and easy two-step process. With its built-in TDS meter you will be able to check, in real time, how the resin is performing. Then, with a simple turn of the lid you can easily change the pure water resin bags. Now you are ready to get back to work. Out with the old resin bag and in with the new. It’s the easiest, quickest and most cost effective water filtration system on the market. Yes, it really is that simple!

    Leave your car gleaming

    Don’t let hard water, chemical additives, soaps and lack of proper drying procedures be the ultimate cause of a car dotted with hard water spots and windows lined with streaks. Purify that final rinse water with our innovative Pure Final Rinse system and you will no longer need to worry about excessive manual labor or buying pure water to add for the final stage. Pure Final Rinse filters everything out of the water as part of the process and you are left with the cleanest spot-free car imaginable.

    Time to get that perfect spotless finish... Pick your size and buy now!

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