About the Filter

1How does it work?
The Pure Final Rinse filters utilise RapidChange DI resin bags that remove chemicals, minerals and impurities out of ordinary tap water, turning it into deionised water! Specially charged beads in the mesh bag collect dissolved in the water impurities as it passes through, trapping them in the bag and producing perfectly pure water for a final rinse of your automobile after washing. In simple words, it is pure water that evaporates when left to dry. With Pure Final Rinse all that buffing is a thing of the past.
2How does this differ from a standard DI filter?
Pure Final Rinse vessel design is all about user friendly design and clever features, making your car cleaning easier, faster and more enjoyable! No mess, hassle-free resin change with RapidChange resin bag means that you can do it anywhere, in seconds – just take the used bag out and put the new one in! Smart locking system enables easy opening and closing of the filter to change the resin. Innovative water flow guides, integrated at the base of the vessel, ensure that the incoming water is distributed evenly through the resin. Unlike with standard DI filter, every resin bead in Pure Final Rinse vessels works to its full capacity, increasing overall pure water output, so you can get more washes out of the same quantity of resin in comparison with standard filters. Good news for your wallet! The vessel body is made from durable yet super lightweight mix of polypropylene and glass fibre for easier handling and longevity. Compact, stable design prevents the filter from tipping over, whist optional wheels or cart make it easily manoeuvrable.
3Do you get more power out of the bigger units?
With bigger units, you get more pure water output from a single resin refill. For example, the smallest filter that contains 1 RapidChange resin bag will produce enough pure water for approx 50 car rinses before the resin needs to be replaced (Depending on water hardness). The largest filter, supplied with 4 RapidChange resin bags will produce sufficient pure water for up to 4X the amount of rinses before requiring resin replacement.
4What’s the difference between this and an RO unit?
Pure Final Rinse vessels utilise deionisation as water purification method (see How does it work?), producing 100% pure water on the spot and all of the water can be used for cleaning your car. With Pure Final Rinse, you need nothing other than reasonable tap water pressure to clean instantly! In the RO (reverse osmosis) filters the water is pushed under pressure through semipermeable membrane that produces 98% pure water. In the RO process the water is split into purified water and concentrate (waste water) at various ratios, depending on the make and model. RO filters require tap water and power supply for the membrane pump.
5Can it be used with a jet / pressure washer?
Pure Final Rinse filters are not compatible with jet or pressure washers and are able to withstand maximum working pressure of 8 bars.
6What are the sizes of the units?
The quad Pure Water Resin Filter, being the PFR4, is one of our largest DI Vessels available, the dimensions of the unpackaged unit are as follows:
Length 340mm
Width 300mm
Height 970mm

The double Pure Water Resin Filter, being the PFR2, is our middle class DI Vessels available, the dimensions of the unpackaged unit are as follows:
Length 300mm
Width 330mm
Height 560mm

The single Pure Water Resin Filter, being the PFR1, is our smallest and compact DI Vessel, the dimensions for the unpackaged unit are as follows:
Length 300mm
Width 340mm
Height 550mm

Using the filter

1Really? No need to dry?
That’s right! See “How does it work?” to find out – well, how it works…
2I can see spots on my car! What’s causing this problem?
This can happen due to several reasons: Chemical residues after washing – make sure to rinse thoroughly. Dust, pollen or other type of pollution in the air whilst the car was drying. The resin is “spent” and has to be replaced. Check the outgoing water hardness by pressing the “On” button on the built-in TDS monitor - if the display shows anything above 20, it’s time to change the resin! If you have eliminated reasons 1 – 3, there may be a problem with the TDS monitor. Give Pure Final Rinse team a call!
3Are there any car paints and finishes this should not be used on?
Nope! We are used on every type of car paint/wrap that we have found to perfect results!
4Can I use Pure Final Rinse vessel in winter when the temperature is below 0°C?
We do not recommend working with pure water in below 0°C temperatures as this will negatively affect resin performance. The optimal minimum temperature for working with Pure Final Rinse vessels is 4°C, with incoming water temperature not exceeding 30°C.

Your Costs

1Why is the filter so expensive?
Pure Final Rinse vessels are designed like no other DI filters! Their innovative features such as hassle-free resin change, greater efficiency and minimal maintenance make them fast, easy and fun to use – anywhere! With high quality materials and solid build for longevity, Pure Final Rinse vessels make a great long-term investment while being a pleasure to use. For details, see “How does this differ from a standard DI filter?”
2How do I know when to change the resin?
Press the “On” button on the built-in TDS monitor that measures outgoing water hardness - if the display shows anything above 0, it’s time to change the resin!
3I have a bigger unit - can I change just 1 bag?
No. All RapidChange bags in your vessel have to be replaced together at the same time – they work as a team only.
4How often do I need to change the resin?
This mainly depends on the level of water hardness though filter size, incoming water pressure and temperature also affect filter performance. To make it easier to estimate your running costs, we have put together a simple guide, showing the approximate number of car washes you can get from a complete resin refill, depending on your filter model and water hardness level. See “How many washes can I get from each filter before I need to change the RapidChange resin bag(s)?”
5How many washes can I get from each filter before I need to change the RapidChange resin bag(s)?
Our simple guide below shows how many car washes on average you can get from a single resin replacement, depending on your vessel size and water hardness level.

Filter Care & Resin

1Does the resin expire?
Unused resin should be stored in its original unopened packaging in a cool, dry place and can last up to 6 months.
2Do I need to do anything with the resin between the washes?
After use, disconnect all hoses and drain the water from the filter by opening the lower tap and leaning the filter slightly forward if required. Leave the resin bag inside the vessel.
3What do I do with used resin bags?
Used resin can be thrown away as normal household waste, in line with your local regulations.
4Can I keep the filter outside?
The Pure Final Rinse vessels should be protected against frost and stored at the temperature between 4°C and 40°C.
5Does the filter require any type of maintenance?
Simply drain your filter after use and wipe it clean! Stored and used as advised on this website, your Pure Final Rinse filter should need little more attention!
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