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Auto Finesse Interior Detailing Brush
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Auto Finesse Hog Hair Detailing Brush

£24.95 Inc. VAT

75% longer bristles than any standard detailing brush makes them great for getting hard to reach areas, tyres and badges.

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Auto Finesse Hog Hair Detailing Brush are handcrafted in the UK, with a fully balanced and solid wood handle. These luxury detailing brushes uses Hog hair bristles set in epoxy resin and are 75% longer than industry standard, allowing them to clean deep, easier and risk free of scratching any exterior paintwork or parts.

These set of two brushes are ideal for detailing wheels, shuts. grills and hard to reach areas around badges, these natural soft bristles are safe for use on exterior paintwork without risk of scratching or damaging a customer’s car or even your own

Comes with the signature black box which is ideal for keeping your detailing brushes in the best condition when not in use.

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