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Auto Smart Red 7

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Auto Smart Red 7 is a highly effective, yet pH neutral, wheel cleaner that turns red on contact with metal particles, such as fallout and brake dust. The added gloss enhancers leave metal surfaces looking brand new.
Auto Smart Red 7 is safe for all surfaces including paint, rubber, plastic, aluminium, polished alloy, carbon and even the most delicate wheels and brake discs. It is also perfect for removing light corrosion from tools, brake discs, diesel tanks etc.
This product is free from acid and caustic materials and is safe to use on all surfaces, these include polished alloys, aluminium and anodised finish, the powerful cleaning actions will remove and metal particles and leave a high gloss finish – making them look like a brand new set of wheels. It is highly effective on industrial fallout and rust, making it perfect for cars that may travel anywhere through the daY.
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