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Autosmart Cherry Glaze

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Rapid and easy to apply – it dries extremely quickly making it ideal for professional, hobbyists and even first time detailers. The protective wax layer is applied by this product as it is left to haze, this ensures less damage will occur from the elements.

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Autosmart Cherry Glaze is the perfect product to finish off any car with that wet gloss look. With two simple ways of applicating the product 1). Spraying onto the vehicle using a pump spray. 2). Applying the Cherry Glaze liquid onto an Autosmart Applicator Sponge, we would advise to use the applicator and leave it on the vehicle until the product has completely hazed up and then using a microfibre towel or lint free cloth remove the residue. Autosmart Cherry Glaze is not a wax that will last you for winter but with it’s easy application you can guarantee you won’t mind adding this into your car cleaning routine for its many benefits outweigh its life span.
Please be aware, this is not a QD(Quick Detailing) wax. Once applied, time is required to allow it to haze before removal, after these steps are completed – you will have a protective layer of wet gloss looking wax, this protective wax layer, ensures your will have less issues arising from the elements.
This product is perfect for professionals, hobbyist or first time detailers as it works great for PDI(pre-delivery inspection) or for showroom applications.
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