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Autosmart Finish

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Autosmart Finish is the perfect water based tyre and trim dressing, applying neat will give an instant effect, you only need to spray a fine mist to evenly cover the vehicle, after a wipe down and buff if necessary, giving you that perfect gloss look.

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Autosmart Finish is a water-based tyre and trim dressing with silicone for both protecting and rejuvenating vinyl, rubber and plastic.  Can be diluted for interior use if a softer sheen is required. Finish is solvent-free and non-flammable.
Can be used for interior trim, dashboards, tyres and engine bay components, by diluting it further, it can give it that natural finish look.

Apply with Autosmart mini-jet in mist form or an Autosmart dressing sponge. For an instant effect apply Finish neat, wipe over and allow to dry. Buff with a soft cloth if required. Dilute Finish 1:1 with water for a low-gloss natural finish.

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