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Chemical Guys Bucket – Heavy duty 4.5 gallon bucket

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The heavy duty Chemical Guys bucket is 4.5 gallon capacity (17 litres to us in the UK!) and is one of the best built detailing buckets that I’ve ever used. Don’t expect to buy another set of buckets after this purchase! Comes with gamma seal lid which turns into an ideal seat!

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Small for some car wash buckets but built like a tank, these Chemical Guys buckets are going to be with you for a long time. The heavy duty materials are 30% stronger and much more rugged than your average bucket.

2 bucket wash method
So the 2 bucket method should actually be 3 buckets but that’s not us trying to make you spend more money. 1 bucket for the wash, 1 for the rinse and the 3rd for wheels which will probably be the dirtiest part of the car. The thing is, if you buy the Chemical Guys heavy duty buckets, these buckets will not need changing for the foreseeable future. Easy to stack up which is ideal for a small footprint in your van or garage, they also have lids that are available with a gamma seal giving you a perfect water tight bucket that can slosh around in your vehicle without any spillage. The screw on lids also double up as a perfect seat!! (They can take my weight so they must be pretty strong)

Even though 4.5 gallons of water in a bucket doesn’t look as much as the other brands, 17 litres of water is more than enough to do a large vehicle.


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