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Chemical Guys Extreme Body Wash Wax

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Cleaning your car is easy to do, simply add a small amount to a bucket, add water, and it’s ready to go. Easily washes away dirt and grime and leaves behind a thin layer of glossy wax giving it a great shine when sunlight hits your car.

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Chemical Guys Extreme Body Wash & Wax uses a unique formula combined with carnauba wax to prevent the buildup of calcium after the initial clean, this helps to prevent water spotting as there is less particles left behind when drying.

Conditioners nourish the vehicle’s surface while a synthetic and carnauba wax lubricate the surface to break down dirt and grime allowing you to rinse off the surface without the risk of damage and scratches from friction acting on the dirt and paintwork.

Using a super concentrated and pH balanced product makes sure no damage will occur from the chemicals as they are perfectly blended and safe to use on all paintwork.


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