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Chemical Guys G6 Hypercoat Dressing

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Why should having a brand new looking vehicle be hard to achieve? It shouldn’t… and that’s where G6 Hypercoat comes in, rejuvenating your vehicle whilst adding a protective layers make it a viable choice for many professional car detailers.

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Chemical Guys G6 Hypercoat restores and protects vinyl, rubber, and plastic car parts, giving it it that brand new look and shine it’s easy to get your vehicle tyres looking like new, simply apply with a foam applicator and scrub gently, buff of the excess and you’re done! Your vehicle is now protected from the elements and will look brand new all the time.

Restoring and protecting exterior plastic, rubber and vinyl trim can be a challenging part of the detailing process, UV rays and extreme heat will cause damage if you don’t protect your vehicle, which is the purpose of G6 Hypercoat – to protect and rejuvenate your vehicle so it’ll look brand new all the time.

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