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Chemical Guys Glossworkz

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Use the concentrated power of Glossworkz to clean your car and keep a strong protective layer in place


Chemical Guys Glossworkz is a car shampoo cleanser lifts dirt and grime by lubricating it enough to make it easily slide off when washed. This shampoo is safe for use on all wax and sealants and leaves behind a brilliant shine – it’s perfect for a weekly quick clean before a further detail.

Lubricated dirt and grimes greatly reduces the risk of scratching as dirt is lifted into foaming bubbles to easily wash right off the paintwork, useable with a foam gun or cannon for a touchless clean.

Using Glossworkz ensures a protective layer stays protected. Prevents the effects of water spotting and UV rays from affecting and destroying the paintwork and it’s perfectly safe for use in public areas as it’s environment friendly as non-caustic and pH balanced chemicals are used to prevent damage to skin or the cars paintwork and the environment

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