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Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow Foam

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Easily apply snow foam by using a foam gun, the fan jet spray allows you to cover more surface area speeding up the initial clean process. Snow Foam lifts dirt so it’s easy to wash off in under 5 minutes.

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Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow Foam allows you to clean your car using a foam cannon or foam gun. It’s designed to specifically create large amounts of suds for a touchless wash on your show car or daily driver.

Traditional car cleaning methods push dirt around on the paintwork, rising the risk of inducing scratches and marks that fade away it’s natural shine.

This product will lift dirt and grime the the surface of your car, easily allowing you to jet wash it off without the rising risk of noticeable scratching, snow foam can also speed up the process as the fan jet spraying out snow foam easily covers a greater surface area, allowing you to get your car squeaky clean in no time.

A pH neutral formula means you can use as much as you need without the worry of possible paintwork fading or being stripped away as Chemical Guys have expertly blended the ingredients into a safe snow foam chemical with an easy method of application.

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