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Chemical Guys Mangocello Air Freshener 16oz

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Mango and lemon together make the Chemical Guys Mangocello air freshener an Italian liquor delight. Gets rid of the bad odours to leave a citrus fragrance that will keep you vehicle fresh.

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The Chemical Guys Mangocello air freshener is a blend of mango and lemon to create a sweet citrus fruit scent that will power though any dodgy smell that may be lingering in your vehicle. Inspired by the Italian Riviera (Never been but smells lovely) and a night out on the town with some tipples of Italian liquor, the mangos works perfectly to bring down the sharp notes of the lemon and create something that won’t make you light headed on a longer drive.

The Chemical Guys air fresheners are made by a group of guys that know how a car should smell, so easy to use with a simple couple of spritzes onto your carpet or door cards and you are good to go. It creates a perfect smell that will last for weeks and kill odours that shouldn’t be there such as old kit in your boot… while you’re there, give that a quick spray with your new air freshener as well!

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