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Chemical Guys Sticky Gel

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Wanting to have brand new looking wheels isn’t as hard as you think, by using Sticky Gel you can easily produce great looking wheels without the hassle of tough scrubbing or possibility of damaging nearby paintwork.

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Chemical Guys Sticky Gel is a tough wheel cleaning and degreaser, strong and clings to wheels and rims to lift and separate road grime, dirt and filth from your tyres, using this gel formula improves the effectiveness and speed of tyre cleaning, unlike liquid, gel can sit on the wheel longer, allowing it to speed up the process of separating the dirt from the tyre making it easy to jet wash off.

Chemical Guys formulated Sticky Gel to contain all natural ingredients and the use of non-caustic chemicals (burn and corrode) – it’s now perfectly safe to use without protective gloves, it’s also a great idea to agitate it with a horsehair wheel brush to make separation of dirt and grime from the wheels an easy task.

Chemical Guys reinvented Sticky Gel thanks to their customers feedback, so it’s now an acid free and eco-friendly wheel cleaner – perfect for professional, hobbyist and first time detailers.

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