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Pure Final Rinse – Rapid Change Resin Bag

Replacement rapid change bags for your Pure Final Rinse vessel. Fastest way to get back up and running with making pure water.

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You get an easy change resin bag with your Pure Final Rinse vessel to get you up and running straight away but you will always need a back up for when the resin is not doing it’s job any more. You will start to see water spots when the built in TDS meter at the top starts creeping up from 0ppm and that means to change of the mesh resin bag inside. You will be fine in single digits but once it’s nearly at 10ppm on the TDS meter you will start to notice impurities left on your vehicle. 10ppm still isn’t bad compared to tap water that varies from 150ppm up to 300ppm!! A simple push down on the top lever, a quick twist and the top just pops off. Just lift the bag out and reverse those very easy steps and you are good to go with creating pure water again! Comes as a single bag or save money by buying 4 in a tub.

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Single, Box of 4

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